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Mini post No. 10 – How to scare the intern…

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Though my university training and this internship I have come accustomed to handling museum objects, and for the most part I’m perfectly comfortable doing this – except when it comes to the ceramics study galleries. I’ve always loved those new galleries but they have always scared me a little – something about densely packed fragile ceramics in-cased in glass just make me nervous. If you’re planning a trip to the museum do go and visit them, its spectacular to see all the collection in one place.

Yesterday we installed some newly calibrated OCEAN monitoring unis, the environmental monitoring system used in the museum, in the display cases which means reaching in to take the old one out and reaching back to put the new one in. Normally the curator of the relevant gallery case does this, but yesterday I was allowed to place the ‘easy’ one onto the shelf. The more difficult ones, the units hidden in back behind all the lovely highly breakable ceramics, were done by the curator. I just closed my eyes at this point, hoping we didn’t start the worlds most expensive domino falling world record attempt!


The easy monitor to put in place – not too high up, not close to anything that can break and easy to get to! On a side note, if you ever went to a museum and wondered what were those weird looking things in the display cases chances are they are for monitoring the environment.


The difficult one… on the second highest shelf, right at the very back of the case, as close to the edge as you can get and right beside really fragile objects! Not to be replaced by the faint-hearted!